At ASCENT we will have a multitude of built-in activity and entertainment options.  35 plus actually!*  One of the priorities of ASCENT is creating memories that deepen relationships and activities provide some of the best opportunities to do just that.  Besides the activities below we have:

White Water Rafting - If you signed up (for an extra fee) when you registered one of your mornings will be riding the waves down a raging river!  (Meet at 7am)

Gathering Places – From the well-equipped common areas and sunny courtyards, to coffee shop and retail areas you’ll find groups playing games, deep in discussion or quiet study. 

Relaxing Spots – Stake a claim at one of the many hammocks that are open for grabs. Find a soft patch of grass in one of our courtyards or own a rock overlooking the waterfront.

*All activities are subject to change based on weather and availability.