Late Night and Free Time Activities: The advantage of Glorieta is the multitude of built-in entertainment options. Glow in the dark dodgeball, beach party, karaoke at the firehouse and more! Each night there will be several options to enjoy.
Building relationships is at the heart of YouthCon and Camp Glorieta provides several options made to connect and learn.
Gathering Places – From the well-equipped common areas and sunny courtyards, to coffee shop and retail areas you’ll find groups playing games, deep in discussion or quiet study. You’ll be hard pressed to find a spot on campus where campers aren’t gathered.
Relaxing Spots – There are plenty of places to relax, think, or even do a prayer walk. Stake a claim at one of the many hammocks that are open for grabs. Find a soft patch of grass in one of our courtyards or own a rock overlooking the waterfront.
Coffee Shops – Order up, bust out the board games and let’s chat. Grab a cup and mellow out at several coffee shop locations.
YouthCon and Camp Glorieta will have more than 35 different options to do during free time all around the camp. Trust us, you won’t run out of things to do! Check out the map for all the options. And most will be included in the YouthCon price!  TALK ABOUT CHOICE OVERLOAD!"
*All activites are subject to change based on weather and availabilty.