The idea of ascent is a very simple one. In terms of camping adventures, the idea suggests a climb or walk of some sort to the summit of a mountain or hill. Have you ever hiked up a mountain? Usually, it’s a struggle. There are many obstacles that come into play that make the journey difficult. Yet, at the top of the ascent, there is always some kind of payout. At the peak, you will find a view or a treasure that made the whole journey worthwhile. We see camp through a similar lens. Many variables come into play to make the journey to camp a tough one. Our desire is that a couple of things make the ascent valuable. First, gathering together as a family of believers is and always will be a special aspect of the camp experience. Second, and most importantly, we hope the ascent to camp leads to a very special place of intimacy with Jesus. We hope teenagers from all over the nation experience a deep place of peace and rest found in Christ that makes the journey meaningful. We believe the pinnacle of the camp experience is worshiping our creator together in community while personally stepping into deeper places of God’s unique callings, plans, and purposes for our lives. We believe gathering together and leaning into the presence of God to enjoy a special place of rest make the various struggles to camp especially beneficial.


June 10-14, 2022


2021's Ascent recap video

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The USMB Youth is the national leadership for all things youth within the Mennonite Brethren US denomination. In years past the main focus was a national youth convention that happened every four years called YOUTHCON. There were a variety of factors that led us to declare YOUTHCON 2019 as the final national youth convention. You can read all about it by CLICKING HERE. Instead, we moved to an opportunity of providing a yearly national camp called ASCENT. ASCENT will have the same facility and excitement but with a more campy feel with a more laid back atmosphere. And ASCENT is even cheaper! By offering ASCENT every year, this also gives churches the freedom to choose what's best for them on how often they will be attending. Feel free to contact us at info@usmbyouth.com for more information.

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