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Thursday, 02 December 2021 / Published in Ideas, Leadership, News, Resources, USMB, USMB Youth

Have you ever struggled with finding gifted leaders? What if there was a pool of trained and called leaders to draw from; a place to find potential applicants for an internship or even a permanent member of your staff?

One of USMB Youth’s passions is to develop up-and-coming leaders who are equipped, empowered, and ready to rise up and make a big impact for the Kingdom of God. So, after years of dreaming and planning, we are very close to launching a new national leadership development program.

Where did this come from?
The dream first came to the national youth conference planning team (now called USMB Youth) when they were planning for the 2015 and 2019 YouthCon gatherings. The team noticed a huge turnover rate in the youth pastors and lead youth workers between conferences. This meant new connections had to be reestablished with churches through a new youth worker. Most of these new youth workers were hired from outside of the denomination which meant many had no experience or connection with their districts nor national events. Curiosity and a little investigation uncovered the need for a leadership pool where churches and organizations can draw from in the Mennonite Brethren world. A new focus on leadership development rose to the top of USMB Youth’s priorities. Let’s raise up the next generation of leaders to make a greater impact for the Kingdom of God.

Introducing the Leadership Pipeline…


This is the first step in a grand vision of identifying, investing in, and empowering leaders for vocational ministry by providing real-world ministry experiences through working with churches and organizations throughout the US. The Pipeline will begin by providing a national summer internship program designed for college students and young adults. The plan is to then expand training to include year-long residency positions and potentially the addition of working with high school students to help them confirm their call to vocational ministry.

Launching in early 2022 will be a national summer internship program for churches and candidates who sign up. Our goal is to expand the opportunities in the years following.

How does it work?
Churches and organizations create internship openings. Undergraduate students then apply for the openings. The goal is to connect churches and organizations with students who are seeking career-building experiences through internships. During these short-term internships, weekly training will be provided by the Pipeline in the desired ministry areas.

For Churches and Employers:
By creating an organization profile and posting your internship opportunities, you can reach a talented pool of interns gathered from our educational institutions, churches, and other areas across the nation. These candidates will be approved and background checked by The Pipeline.

For Students Seeking Ministry Experience:
The Pipeline provides a one-stop portal to opportunities posted by churches and faith-based organizations from all over the United States. These paid internships may be offered in a variety of ministry related fields including youth, worship, kids, education, arts, finance, tech, and more! Just create your candidate profile and get connected through our internship search.

What does it cost to sign up? 
There is no cost for churches or potential interns to sign up! All internships will be paid so there will be an expectation of some form of financial investment by the churches and organizations that secure an intern. Funds may be available to help the hiring church or organization through grants and scholarships from our ministry partners.

What is the goal?
Our goal is to raise up the next generation of leaders by creating a leadership pool of qualified and trained leaders for our churches to draw from and fill positions for years to come.

When will this launch?
The website to sign up will be launched in January 2022. With that launch, churches, organizations, and potential interns will be able to start signing up and getting matched. The included online training will happen during the summer internships on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

But wait there is more…

We need your help!

We are hiring 2 part-time positions to help launch and grow this new program.  These National Leadership Mobilizers will work 5-7 hours a week recruiting, overseeing, and leading this pipeline.  We are taking applications right now!

If you are interested in learning more and applying for these positions CLICK HERE.

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Thursday, 02 December 2021 / Published in Leadership, News, Resources, Teaching, Training, USMB, Youth Worker Life

Our ALL THINGS YOUTH BLOG is looking for people who are passionate for youth and leadership to be contributors!

USMB Youth wants to resource, equip, and inspire youth workers from all walks of life.  So we are looking for passionate people who can bring a fresh perspective and different experiences to share and resources our youth workers will enjoy.    So it doesn’t matter if you are full-time, part-time, or volunteer we want to hear from you!  You don’t even have to work with youth to contribute, we are looking for leadership tips and other helpful ministry training.

If you are interested please email us at

Here’s what you’ll get as a blog author:

  • A chance to share your wisdom and experience with other youth workers
  • Mentions in USMB Youth’s social media and other promotional material
  • Great USMB Youth SWAG
  • And more!
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Thursday, 01 July 2021 / Published in ASCENT, Senior High, YouthCon

Hello Youth Workers, 

My name is Jenn Tarbutton and I was one of the emcees on stage at ASCENT. I started working at Ridgepoint Church (formally known as First MB Church, Wichita) as Middle School Director in August of 2020. I started working with USMB Youth last November and I have been a part of the planning team since. I was asked by the ASCENT planning team if I would be interested in emceeing this year’s ASCENT camp. Of course, I said yes! I enjoyed going up on stage showing my goofy side and connecting with many leaders and students during this week of camp. 

My favorite part as emcee was when students drank all the different mixtures of drinks that Mike and I have made for one of our stage games. I also appreciated the patience and flexibility everyone had when we had to change schedules. This week had its challenges but also its praises. 

This year as we embraced the challenges that came with 2020 we were finally able to go to camp. After planning ASCENT for nearly over a year we arrived in Glorieta, NM. Different from YouthCon when we were last at Glorieta we were on a different side of the camp. Prior to camp, the planning team knew that things can change, there could be challenges and but overall the Lord will do His work at camp in our student’s lives. Well, things definitely changed and we for sure faced some challenges, but God was ever so faithful to us in the midst of everything that was coming our way. 

We had many schedules and time changes that we all had to adjust to, we had no AC, no coffee in the shops, and even a power outage. All of us on the planning team worked around all of these different changes and did our best to keep camp at a steady pace. We still felt the heaviness of one thing happening after another. With no AC we bought and consumed over 3000 water bottles. Thankfully we were able to provide enough water for leaders, students, band members, our speaker, and even an illusionist! God provided in more ways than one this week of camp and all praise goes only to Him. We thank all the sponsors, colleges, churches, pastors, leaders, and students who helped make this year’s ASCENT possible. 





Jenn Tarbutton

USMB Youth & ASCENT 2021 Emcee


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Thursday, 01 July 2021 / Published in ASCENT, YouthCon

ASCENT 2021 was the first-ever national summer camp for high schools for the U.S. Mennonite Brethren conference.  Overall we think it was a success!  God moved, people came to Christ, students deepen their relationship with God and each other.  It will be a camp very few will forget, like on night two having the power go out throughout the entire camp 30 minutes before the session will start and having everyone move outside was stressful on the planning team’s part, but it ended up being one of the most powerful moments at camp.  Thank you to everyone who prayed, planned, served, sang, and helped make ASCENT 2021 an impactful week!

Here is the camp by the numbers:

bottles of water given out

glow sticks used for our glow night

bag of chips & snacks handed out

campers attended

adult leaders served

program helpers & interns led

agency representatives shared

separate workshops


and SIX
Students accepted Jesus
for the first time!