Offering Project for ASCENT

Every year we take an offering as part of our worship experience at camp and this year at ASCENT is no different.  It’s not about the total amount it is about giving an opportunity for students to step up and give and allow them to be part of something bigger than themselves. (We will be

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Late Nite Options for ASCENT

ASCENT’s late nights will be sponsored by Fresno Pacific and Tabor College and each night we got something pretty amazing planned.  Each night we always end with something fun and surprising.  Feel free to check out all the options below: Moonlight Madness | Wednesday, June 16 | 9:30pm This will be one crazy night full

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The ASCENT Packing List

The packing list seems like a simple thing but forgets one little item and now you have a big problem.  So here is our list.  Each church/group might add or change some of these items.  But it is our recommendation that these items be considered when packing for ASCENT.  The temperature most likely will be

ASCENT Theme for 2021

We are excited to announce our theme for 2021’s ASCENT. HOME. Every soul on the planet has a deep longing for peace and satisfaction. Since the beginning of time, God has invited humanity to step into a pure, personal, and powerful relationship with Him to satisfy the deepest desires of our hearts. This year’s theme