Covid 19 Considerations


COVID-19 has drastically changed our world and nothing will be normal again.  New policies and recommendations seem to be announced and then changed on a weekly basis.  USMB Youth is staying up-to-date and works actively with Glorieta Camps and all federal, state, and local governments as best we can.  As recommendations and policies change on a regular basis we will be updating this page.  Please continue checking back for more details.

Update: from Glorieta Camps

CLICK HERE for our complete policies page.



Currently, masks are mandatory in all public spaces in New Mexico. This means that if still in effect during the summer that if a camper is outside of their dorm room unless they are sitting down at a table eating or drinking that they need to be wearing a mask. This is something that we will need your staff and adult leaders to help enforce during the session of camp.



What we (glorieta camps) are currently planning to do:

  •  Glorieta facilitators wearing masks and gloves as needed
  • Physical distancing markers every 6 ft for guests to stand in line where needed
  • Activities done in the same small groups that they are spending the most time with. (Two small groups could play against each other in activities like archery tag and redneck paintball and stay in their group with their own items of stuff)
  • Glorieta staff will clean activities and supplies as recommended between sessions of each small group.
  • Hand sanitizer stations at every activity
  • Minimum staff contact (looking into the possibility of tvs to do rock talks and instructions to reduce staff contact in some areas)
  • Limiting high touch areas
  • When available and applicable, certain items may be assigned to a certain person for a day or set amount of time
  • We are evaluating all potentially shared items and will look to avoid or sanitize those items
  • Providing resources for guests to sanitize sports court equipment, gaga ball, mini golf themselves, etc
  • Making sure there is good airflow in indoor activity spaces


Food Service:

What we are currently planning to do:

  • Limit indoor dining to 50% occupancy (which is 800 people roughly)
  • Table assignments - Planning 2 tables per small group (Around 6 people to a table).
  • These should be consistent throughout the week and guests should stay with their same table assignment for all meals.
  • Make sure tables are distanced from each other or sit every other table
  • Meals in the dining hall will be a modified family style meal with either Glorieta staff bringing the food to the table or having one person serve for the whole table.
  • Still offer outdoor dining and meals and to-go meals
  • Eliminated salad and cereal bar per health department standard
  • As of 1/1/2020 we think it is likely that breakfast will be the easiest meal to serve to-go style (breakfast sandwiches, burrito, muffins etc) and delivered to guests in some way and then two separate meal times for lunch and dinner.
  • Control flow of traffic, in and out, through the lines, to the bathrooms, etc with signs
  • Clear entrance and exit
  • Have doors propped open
  • Always have air vents on in order to keep air flow up
  • Mitigate people moving around



What we are currently planning to do:

  • High focus on cleaning public spaces.
  • Commonly touched areas will be cleaned periodically throughout the day.
  • Handrails and elevator buttons will be cleaned periodically throughout the day.
  • Housekeeping will not go in the rooms during the weeks to clean unless specially requested. If requested the room needs to be vacated before the staff can enter to do work.
  • Plan to continually let as much fresh air into the building as possible, and make sure windows are able to easily be opened with screens on them.
  • Purchasing many more cleaning supplies such as sprayers, foggers etc
  • Hotel amenities will be limited and all bedding in the rooms will be washed between stays.
  • Sanitizer stations around camp.
  • Hand washing stations purchased if needed.



We are planning to have available rooms if needed to isolate guests that are symptomatic if needed during the summer.If a guest does become positive during the stay at camp it will be best if they leave camp as soon as possible to reduce the risk of spread.