Registration & Cost

Registration & Cost

Early Bird Price: (by April 30, 2021)
$350 per student (anyone in high school)
$175 per adult leader (18 years or older and a high school graduate)
Cost may vary for special guests or young children.  Contact us at for more details. 

Add $50 to each registration after May 1st, 2021. 

Payment for registration will be handled by the local church. Payments will NOT be accepted by individuals during online registration. Each church must send ONE total payment for their group via check and postmarked NO LATER than June 30, 2021. 

No student or adult leader can register outside of church, please contact your home church for more details. 

CLICK HERE to read USMB YOUTH's Policies

(Optional) White Water Rafting:

Add $65 per person on your registration fee (when you register)
gn when you register to have one of your mornings to ride down a raging river!  Transportation is provided.



Physical SAFETY is of paramount importance at any event like ASCENT. For this reason, Glorieta Adventure Camps REQUIRES any person who will be 18-years-of-age and over before attending any ASCENT camps, to complete a Child Abuse Awareness Training online as part of the camp’s Child Protection Plan. Any person 18 years of age and over must complete this 45 minute online training prior to arriving at ASCENT. Additionally, all adults are also required to have a criminal background check completed prior to attending the conference.

Child-abuse awareness training will be required every year going to ASCENT.

How Will It The Training Work?

Upon registration, an email from a website called will be sent with instructions and a link to the online course. Each person must complete a short 10 question quiz after viewing several short video segments. This online course will take approximately 45 minutes.

What if I have already done this?

A background check is still required, However, if you have completed this training or a similar course within this past year, a copy of your completed certificate will exempt you from retaking the online course.



The registration process for each local youth group requires several steps.

Here is ASCENT policies if you want to learn more information.  


1) Each church must designate a Lead Youth Worker who will be the point of contact and manage the church’s registration for ASCENT. Duties of the Lead Youth Worker will include: managing information flow, handling registration paperwork, room arrangements, payments, tracking and submitting missing information and ensuring that all students register for ASCENT. LEAD YOUTH WORKERS MUST BE THE FIRST TO REGISTER FROM THEIR CHURCH.

Each Lead Youth Worker Needs to Register HERE FIRST.

2) The leader youth worker will send out a SPECIFIC LINK to their people (youth and leaders) for their church.

3) Families will make payment for their child(ren) to the local church and through the church’s Lead Youth Worker.  Payments cannot be made online or to ASCENT directly.

4) Anyone attending who is 18 years of age or older at the time of the convention must complete child abuse awareness training. This is required by all Glorieta Camps and Camp Eagle properties.

5) The Lead Youth Worker will do a final check on his or her local group roster, making sure all information is correct, then finalize room assignment and submit payment for the entire group.


For Changes Or For More Questions:

Register early! We will not be able to guarantee room arrangements for registrations or changes in registration received after April 30, 2021. Cancellations or changes after May 1, 2021 result in an adjustment/cancelation fee and any cancellations or changes.

CLICK HERE for our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at