Special Guests

Special Guests

Every part of the programming during ASCENT is designed to help students and leaders experience our faith in Jesus at a deeper level by; connecting with and encountering God and connecting in meaningful ways with each other.

The invitation is for each person to take one step toward a deeper faith, from whatever place they started. General sessions will be engaging times of worship, teaching, learning and discovering.

Students and leaders will have opportunities to dive deep into a wide variety of specific topics during our workshops which are a kind of experiential style of learning classes.


Presence Worship has the heart to see people encounter the presence of Jesus; to worship Him, seek Him, and be changed by Him! Presence Worship is comprised of a group of friends who lead worship and pastor in different churches in Wichita, KS. They lead at their home churches weekly and then lead in other settings as well (city-wide worship/prayer gatherings, prayer rooms, youth retreats/conferences, etc). Check them out at presencewrshp.org

Speakers will be announced soon.