Special Guests

Special Guests

Every part of the programming during ASCENT is designed to help students and leaders experience our faith in Jesus at a deeper level by; connecting with and encountering God and connecting in meaningful ways with each other.

The invitation is for each person to take one step toward a deeper faith, from whatever place they started. General sessions will be engaging times of worship, teaching, learning and discovering.


Presence Worship has the heart to see people encounter the presence of Jesus; to worship Him, seek Him, and be changed by Him! Presence Worship is comprised of a group of friends who lead worship and pastor in different churches in Wichita, KS. They lead at their home churches weekly and then lead in other settings as well (city-wide worship/prayer gatherings, prayer rooms, youth retreats/conferences, etc). Check them out at presencewrshp.org


MAIN SPEAKER: John Leonard

"My amazing wife Brianna and I love serving God's youth.  We moved to Clovis, CA from Oklahoma a week after getting married and started our first youth pastor position in August 2017.  We have always had a heart for the next generation and have been serving in youth ministry and camps for as long as we can remember.  We are passionate about teaching students to know God personally, to know the truth of His Word, and to be able to share the good news of Jesus Christ boldly with others.  I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from SCU, received a 3-year ministry degree in Student Ministries from Rhema Bible Training College, and I am starting my Master's degree of Family and Marriage Therapy in the fall at Fresno Pacific University" - John Leonard 






Zak Mirz has toured for nearly a decade entertaining audiences all over the world.  Zak's latest projects include being a magic advisor for David Blaine's latest special "The Magic Way", an appearance on Travel Channel's "Magic Caught on Camera" and creating a deck of cards that help raise awareness and money to end human trafficking.  Zak is excited to join us for one of our late-night activities.  Find more info. on mirzshow.com