Travel Plans

Travel Options:
Each church/group is responsible for their own travel needs. Our registration staff will be coordinating with the Lead Youth Worker on your travel plans so we can be prepared when you arrive.
Each church/group is responsible for their own transportation to and from Glorieta. There is ample parking for buses and vans on the camp property. If you are planning to fly with your group to the convention, we recommend booking early and working with a travel agency.
Contact Jim Friesen at Reflection Travel (800-827-0554 or email for help planning your trip. Reflection Travel is open M-F 8:30a-5:30p CST. The two airports
that serve the Glorieta region are Sante Fe Municipal Airport [SAF] (a 30 minute drive to Glorieta) and Albuquerque International Sunport [ABQ] (a 75 minute drive). Lead Youth Workers will be responsible to coordinate each group’s travel plans with YouthCon ’19 registration staff prior to arrival.
If you are flying:  
There are two main airports you may fly into. We recommend working with a travel agent. ONE—Sante Fe Municipal SAF (20 min drive) TWO—Albuquerque International Sunport ABQ (1.15 hr drive) We are currently working with both airports to encourage them to provide more flights for this week AND we are working to provide transportation to and from the airports to the camp and more information will be available as we get closer.   

If you are driving:
There are accommodations for your bus driver if need be (a separate price will be charged, but a discounted rate).  Our registration team will coordinate with you as we get closer to the event.
On Wednesday, April 3 all of our programming will be later in the evening so you do not have to miss anything if it takes you 8+ hours to get to Youthcon.
The address to Glorieta is:
11 NM-50
Glorieta, NM 87535